Ad Specs – In-thread Native

The In-thread nativeĀ ad unit is a native style adĀ that is displayed to any user that visits the HotCopper website. The ad unit is designed to appear as a disguised ad that has come from HotCopper, whereas it is actually an advertisement.



The ad unit can be served on HotCopper’s ad server.

Required Infomation

  • A 48×48 pixel image
  • A headline
  • A quote
  • And the landing page URL

HotCopper Specifications

Ad unit Dimensions 725×140 pixels (depending on how much content)
Position Within HotCopper content. Middle of the page.
Image File Size 100kb
Image Dimenstions 48×48 pixels


You may click this link to see an example of the native ad unit.

Design and Performance

Please ensure advertising is appropriate to the HotCopper audience. The ad unit must not effect HotCopper’s brand, or the site layout, template, design or content. The ad does not try to launch an ad in a pop up/pop under or “shake” the users browser. The ad unit must minimise the CPU load. Bear in mind that HotCopper pages can be quite long there will be other elements on the page slowing down the user’s machine. Ads that create excessive CPU load and alter the user experience will not be accepted.

The destination URL page must not have any database collection pop-ups.

HotCopper has the right to turn ad’s off that they feel is trying to capture our visitors information.

Note: All ad activations are subject to approval. HotCopper reserves the right to request changes to content and/or execution for any reason.

Timeline & Delivery

a. Any 3rd party creatives should be delivered to HotCopper via 3rd party ad serving tags.
b. All material must be sent at least 48 hours prior to campaign activation to ensure compatibility and internal approval.