Email Direct Marketing

Email Direct Marketing works by communicating your message to HotCopper members that are subscribed to the HotCopper mailing list directly to their email Inbox.



  • A HTML file is to be supplied
  • A Subject Line
  • If HotCopper are hosting images for you then please send the images as a .zip file.

File Types

HotCopper requires a HTML file to be sent as an email.

If you are sending the HTML with images for HotCopper to host on HotCopper servers, then please zip the html file together with the images.


Images can be served on a HotCopper file server or they can be served externally.

Guidelines and Tips

  • Keep image file sizes to a minimum. Suggest < 200Kb
  • Use text instead of graphics with text.
  • Include a an effective call to action. E.g. “Click here to …”
  • Use HTML tables to design templates as instead of <div> tags
  • Use system fonts for compatibility
  • For a guide on which designing templates please use MailChimp
  • DO NOT convert a Microsoft Word Document as a html file and send this

Text Version

We recommend supplying a plain text version of your email. There are recipients who cannot read HTML in their email client. This can be supplied as a .txt file.


Once we have received your HTML file and loaded in to our system, we will send you test emails. We recommended supplying several email addresses for testing. Suggest using any personal Hotmail and Gmail accounts.

HotCopper Specifications

Dimensions Recommended within 600 pixel width
Image File Size < 200kb
Image File Names Must not contain spaces
Destination URL Please provide the destination URL separate to the ad unit either via email or in a text file.

Design and Performance

Please ensure advertising is appropriate to the HotCopper audience.

The destination URL page must not have any database collection pop-ups.

HotCopper has the right to turn ad’s off that they feel is trying to capture our visitors information.

Note: All emails are subject to approval. HotCopper reserves the right to request changes to content and/or execution for any reason.

Timeline & Delivery

All material must be sent at least 48 hours prior to campaign activation to ensure compatibility and internal approval.