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Each listed company has a unique HotCopper audience.
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Australian investors are increasingly self-directed - 65% trade online and 1.1 million have a SMSF. These investors cite HotCopper as their #1 source of information when researching investments - ahead of full-service brokers and print media - and spend 27 minutes on the site per day.

Corporate Spotlight allows you to get your ASXCo's investment proposition directly in front of your most engaged investors via a dedicated piece of real estate above company discussion.

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Stats at a glance

Loyal followers backed with steady historical growth.
  • 700k


    HotCopper has Australia's largest audience of active investors

  • 950+


    Each ASXCo has a unique and quantifiable audience

  • 11:30


    Our users are highly active and visit the site to research investments in detail

  • $1000


    Corporate Spotlight is a cost-effective way to reach an audience of highly engaged investors

How it works:

  • Every stock listed on the ASX has a dedicated forum for investor discussion on HotCopper.

  • Corporate Spotlight clients receive a dedicated space above this forum for sponsored company content.

  • This space can be used to put across your investment case to the investors who are seeking out information on your company.

  • Examples of successful content include company news and announcements, CEO and executive videos and investment highlights.

  • Companies can update the content regularly throughout the 12-month term.

Why Choose Us?


    HotCopper has 250,000 members and 700,000 visitors per month


    Australian investors regularly use the site when researching ASX-listed stocks


    Valuable audience of active investors, tailored for listed companies


    Well-known brand within the investment community

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